18 April 2015

This ugliness was not intentional!

4/19/15 UPDATE: Less ugly now, but the columns aren't set up right. But it is going to stay as is until something totally new happens.  

I was attempting to see what other blogger themes I might want when I accidentally chose "apply" not knowing that it meant "irreversibly change". So now I can't get back my ugly, but not half as ugly as this blog theme.

Still pondering what to do.

(I like talking this big/loud)


  1. Definitely in the "ugly" range here! LOL

  2. Do you have a backup available. I don't back my blog up nearly as often as I should, and I can't claim to understand the "restore" process, but Blogger claims it's possible to recover from this kind of thing.

  3. Good thing I wasn't sipping my tea! The gods way of telling you it's time for a change...but not this one!

  4. CHEERS! to getting your blog back just to how you like it. Frustrating, I suppose?


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