23 November 2014

Something for everyone: Truly random thoughts

1. My brother and his family got two new puppies recently.

2. United's merger with Continental has done no favors for us here in the DC market.

3a. I wonder how much of Audible's sales are attributable to erotica?

3b. Speaking of Audible, it is amazing how much a part of my "reading" life audiobooks have become. So much of my anti-audiobook bias has fallen away. I am even tempted to start counting them on my "books read" list because the feeling when one finishes one is pretty much the same.

3c. I love the way Tim West pronounces the word "club" in his Trollope narrations. The guy reading my current Nevil Shute isn't quite as plummy when he says it.

4. I kept trying to replace a comma with a period. Then I realized it was gunk on my screen.

5. I need your banoffee pie recipes. As I asked my FB friends to discuss their favorite pies, a British ex-pat friend of mine living here in DC bemoaned the lack of good banoffee pie available here in the US. I was actually surprised it was available at all. She has challenged me to make one from "a proper British recipe" and with biscuit, not pastry crust. I've been looking around online and can't decide if I have found anything acceptable. Do you have a favorite recipe for it? Mary Berry says that today's condensed milk packaging with the pull tops make it inadvisable to do the boiled can method, so I don't think I will try that--although I would love to.

6. I wouldn't mind if Ted Talks disappeared.

7. Since I've gone back to work in September my sleeping schedule has been decidedly old mannish. I don't seem able to sleep past 6:30, even on weekends and then I want to be in bed by 10 pm. And I've always been a  night person. Plus it is wreaking havoc with my reading time, much of which used to happen after 10.

8. Going to northern California for Thanksgiving next week. Always fun to choose reading for a trip. But I fear my free time while we are out there is going to be taken up with work, as my previously scheduled trip is now in the middle of an unexpected deadline.

Helmut the crocheted turkey posing at the San Francisco airport last Thanksgiving.

Helmut wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving
9. I'm amazed I made it to #9 without mentioning our house. We move back in in 26 days. Not only am I really looking forward to filling up those shelves, but John and I have kind of given up on this apartment. Our interest in keeping the place tidy has reached a nadir.

10. I've noticed that the book blogging world is like a college newspaper in the way that old ideas/issues are brought up every so often as if they had never been addressed before. After I graduated from college and after I worked in London for six months, I ended up in a job at the University of Minnesota Hospital so I was back on the campus of my alma mater five days a week. I continued to read the school's newspaper and couldn't help notice that both news and feature articles seemed to be retreads of ideas and issues that had cycled through once or twice during the four years I was a student. I guess one can't blame each new crop of students has to hash things out for themselves in an endless loop.


  1. I have boiled the condensed milk tins with the ring pull things - no problems at all. Just don't let the water boil down so they are uncovered. Does it need a recipe?: biscuit base like a cheesecake (digestives/melted butter), fill with the caramel, top with bananas, cover in whipped cream, sprinkle with shaved chocolate. Some (http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/jun/26/how-to-make-perfect-banoffee-pie - total overkill of effort and ingredients) add nuts. *Heretics*.

  2. Here in America (at least in my part of it) we can buy dulce de leche in a can from the supermarket. Here's a website that claims 8 ways to make it: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Dulce-De-Leche

  3. Have just sent you, via twitter, my fave which I downloaded yonks ago from BBC Good Food website, but 'the licence' has run out, apparently so I took a pic of it. Top tip - A Cadbury Flake crumbled over the top. Please tell me you can get Flakes there!

  4. Re #2, the United-Continental merger hasn't done anything for us here in Houston either. I miss our home-town airline, and I dread flying United.

    I've never had banoffee pie, but I have a sudden craving for it.

  5. PUPPIES! Now I want two puppies. One person with 4 dogs isn't extreme is it? I'm glad you are coming around to audio books and you should totally count them on your "have read" list. Let all those prejudices just fly away;).

  6. Puppy pictures are a great way to start any post (I felt compelled to state the obvious). 26 days means y'all will be in by Christmas - what a great way to celebrate the holidays! I for one can't wait to see pics of the library. I don't even want to know the answer to 3a, but to you, John, and Helmut I will wish a very Happy Thanksgiving. Happy reading/listening!

  7. I didn't realize you were a graduate of the University of Minnesota. I enjoyed my years there! Have you read any of Elizabeth Cadell's novels? Someone on "Goodreads" recommended them, so I picked a few from the library. Your house looks wonderful!

  8. Your audiobook conversion makes me very happy... perhaps you will even end up counting them as books for 2015. I've got several Trollope titles on my wish list.

    Have never heard of banoffee pie, but think it could easily become a favorite!

  9. Those puppies are ADORABLE. What are their names? The one on the left has such a funny look on his face, like he's in absolute shock -- or absolute heaven. Possibly both.

    And I think I need to find some Trollope on audio!

  10. The USair merger with American has done us no favors either. Bob is at ends with himself and although the merger doesn't officially happen until next year the upgrades are already slowing down which isn't helping our trip later this week.

  11. What an interesting post! Reminds me that I could be listening to books as I drive to work. I need to get to the library. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Two points. I just flew United to NYC for Thanksgiving and never had worse plane rides. Just awful. I'm basically done with flying if I can help it.

    Second, I so hate TED talks. Thank you. Have you watched The Onion paradies online? Be sure to watch the one about "The Duck Goes Quack".

  13. This one isn't too acanonical either: http://mattbites.com/2014/12/10/31-days-of-pie-day-10-banofee-pie/

  14. OK, on a quest now. MUST TRY BANOFFEE PIE. How have I never heard of this?!


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