14 March 2014

Shakespeare juvenelia

Mine that is, not Shakespeare's.

Here is a newspaper I made for a class assignment in 9th grade. I was such an Anglophile at the time.  [Edited 3/15] I just had a glance at the first story. This was roughly 1983 and I was obsessed with Princess Diana. Also, you can click on these and then make them bigger and easier to read.

Notice the want ad placed by Christopher Marlowe for a male companion to share his lodgings. I was one year shy of coming out of the closet but I was already being cheeky.

The ad for Clarkin Coffin Company (after my bestie Michelle Clarkin) refers to the death of Shakespeare's 11-year old son H.S.


  1. Gorgeous - you were (hey, are) a precocious Anglophile indeed. And all that typing...

    1. I loved typing as a kid. I even took a typing class one summer when I was about 9 years old.

  2. Dear Thomas,

    This is the most charming and delightful newsletter. I hope you got an A+ for this assignment.

    Best wishes,


    1. I'm not sure what kind of grade I got. I didn't particularly like that teacher. Previously I had written a 24-line poem (where everything rhymed!) about the wedding of Charles and Diana and she rather implied that I hadn't actually written it. I wish I had kept a copy of that poem. It was probably the only poetry I ever wrote. Although doggerel might be the better term.


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