02 February 2014

What a Super Bowl!

I posted this on Super Bowl Sunday in 2011. Seemed like a good time re-post it. 

If you are like me you couldn't care less about football and the Super Bowl. So I thought I would try a different kind of super bowl Sunday. Also check out this week's Sunday Painting, and my TBR Dare update.
Footed Bowl by Frances Palmer

Hammered Stainless Steel by Simon Pearce

Ceramic bowl made by a friend.

Urchin Bowl by Element Clay Studio

A bowl in the spa at our hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Basalt bowl by Wedgwood

Ancient Celtic bowl

Beautiful, simple ironstone bowl found on Faded Plains

Lots of bowls at John Derian

And how could I forget hotty Jeremy Northam holding this golden bowl from
the movie adaptation of Henry James' The Golden Bowl


  1. I am most definitely like you, and I love this post. Haha!

    (The bowls are really cool.)

  2. I do appreciate art, but I'm a Texas girl, born and bred, and the football thing is in my blood! :) Of course, at our house, it is as much about the food as it is the game. Go Broncos!

  3. :-) I like it.


  4. Particularly like the footed bowl at the top.


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