16 November 2013

Mini-break in Sedona for a wedding

My beautiful niece got married in beautiful Sedona, Arizona last weekend. About two and half hours north of the Phoenix airport, it wasn't long before John and I began four days of saying "this is so beautiful" about every ten minutes. We have been lucky enough to travel to a lot of amazing places and Sedona is easily in the top five in terms of natural beauty.

We stayed at the Enchantment Resort which is nestled in its own canyon about 10 minutes outside of the town of Sedona. It couldn't have been a more perfect spot. And the weather. Sunny, mid 70s during the day and lovely crisp 40s at night. So lovely.

It made me want to read Willa Cather. Even though I had six books with me for four days, Cather was not among them.

See the smiley face?


  1. Stunning pics--Sedona is on my list. Thanks for the colorful post.

  2. Gorgeous pics - reminds me of Colorado Springs. The smiley face is sort of creepy, though - looks like the head of a mummy in the middle of all the trees with the redder rock behind it. :) Thanks for sharing these with us!

  3. My dear Thomas,

    Hello. Hope you had a nice time at your niece's wedding. What a beautiful part of the world to visit. And you are looking so well. It seems to me that I'm also laden with many books whenever I travel. I'm still not quite used to the alternative option of something as compact and light as Kindle. So, I can well understand when you say you pack 6 books for travelling four days.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Best wishes, ASD

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, what a stunning area. Thank you for posting these.

  5. It is stunning, but as an East Coaster, that sort of landscape makes me feel uneasy. It's so alien. When I drove from Salt Lake City to Jackson, WY, I felt like I was in an episode of Twilight Zone.

    It that mesa in the distance the one where dinosaurs still live, a la The Lost World? Makes me wonder.

  6. Your pics make it look way more beautiful than it actually is! How do you do that?!!!

  7. I am in So Cal and I have never been to Arizona. Okay, once I set foot across the border but not on purpose. Now, from your photos, I feel like I need to make the trip.

  8. Certainly nothing like this in the UK, looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow. How is it I have still never been to Arizona? Absolutely stunning, so different from Texas!

  10. Beautiful photos! I agree with Susan, the smiley face is a little creepy.

    I have only read one Cather, but I think those surroundings would be a perfect accompaniment to Death Comes to the Archbishop.

  11. Wow! What terrific photos! Sedona is beautiful. I've been to Phoenix, but just found it to be desert, cactus, desert, cactus - it looked nothing like what you showed up. Obviously I should have gone to Sedona instead :)

  12. So beautiful -and glad you finally shaved! Friends of ours moved down there last year and love it; I believe you met them at our party last Christmas?

  13. Love Sedona! And read Willa Cather again! You won't be sorry.

  14. Wow! Who needs books in a place like Sedona with all that beautiful scenery to contemplate and explore. Well, maybe one for a bid of reading at beddy-bye time would suffice. Was there years ago and a little pink jeep with a fringe on top took me for a ride out on top of Submarine Rock--scared me half to death. Must try to go back sometime.

  15. Denise: Just a 2-hour flight from Texas.

    Susan: I think you are right about the mummy.

    Claire: It is really beautiful.

    ASD: I am will have to be old and feeble before Kindle replaces my stack of travel lit.

    Cath: I am glad you liked them.

    Joan: It is quite alien but in such a nice way.

    Jill: Clearly the Arizona sun has fried your brain. We were actually thinking that the pictures don't do it justice.

    Ti: Oh yes, do a winter trip to Sedona, Grand CAnyon, Canyon de Chelly and maybe even up to Monument Valley right over the AZ border into Utah. So, so lovely.

    Aurora: We actually talked about that as we concluded this was one of our new favorite spots on the planet.

    Karen K: So many Texans read my blog (compared to other states). As I said, just a two-hour flight from Houston (and then a 2.5 hour drive).

    Ruthiella: In addition to DC to the B, Cather's The Professor's House also explores New Mexico.

    Nadia: As you drive up to Sedona you can mark pretty clearly where the cactus (esp the Suaro) gives way to more scrub and then trees and finally the red rocks of Sedona. So lovely.

    Stefan: I miss the beard!

    Amy: I will definitely read Cather again and again.

    Judy: That is exactly what happened. Too much beauty for me to read much.

  16. stunning pics ,all the best stu

  17. Sedona is truly beautiful, and your photos are amazing! I remember visiting as a kid but have been dying to get back. Glad y'all had a great time!


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