19 May 2013

What (my) readers like

I was trying to think of a clever hook for the pictures I am about to post when I began thinking about why I was posting them in the first place--other than John urging me that is. What occurred to me was that readers, and certainly my readers, like this kind of thing. Then I began thinking of all the affinities beyond books that we readers seem to share. And although each of these items is not universal to all readers, or even to all readers of My Porch, I think if we were all in a room together these are the things we would end up talking about.

  • Lists
  • Libraries (natch)
  • Hot beverages (tea, the coffee family, cocoa)
  • Baking
  • Book shops (see Libraries)
  • Travel (actual or vicarious)
  • Helene Hanff
  • Twitter (a very book-friendly place)
  • Pets (Lucy, Deacon, Sherpa, Odie, Jasper, Ritchey, Hops, etc.)
  • CSAs, Farmers Markets, and fresh vegetables in general
  • Typewriters
  • Knitting (not something I am interested in, but I know you are legion)
  • Gardens

Ah yes, gardens, the reason for this post, phtots of John's efforts in the garden paying off...


While I am at it, here are some photos from our recent road trip to Ithaca to go to a book sale.

Proof of the Canadian invasion of the border states.
If it weren't for Tim Hortons, I would say that it is time to build that wall.

One of the great things about a road trip to central New York from DC is that you can avoid the I-95 corridor entirely. Thirty minutes or so on I-270 and then you can jump onto U.S. 15 all the way trhough Pennsylvania, which is in surpisingly good repair, scenic, and low on traffic.

With lumberjacks like this...
On the way home we stopped by Whitmore Farm which is owned and farmed by friends of ours.

I don't know which of the next three photos came first.  ;-)

Can't forget about little Lucy.


  1. Yes, I think your list is perfect! And so are the pictures! So envious (as always) of the garden!

  2. great list Thoams ,all the best stu

  3. I think you know us very well ;-)

  4. A list of comforts and the pictures elicited a chorus of 'awwwws.'

  5. I kind of knew this already, but your list proves it ... I like us!!
    (And I'd never known anything about Tim Horton's except that the police in Louise Penny's books always stop there on their way to the crime scene.

  6. *grin* Love your garden and the list is pretty spot on too. :)

  7. Lovely photos (and thrilled Sherpa got a mention ;))

    I'm glad you said 'gardens' rather than 'gardening', because I can definitely join in with the former, and definitely not the latter.

  8. I have garden envy! Beautiful. And yes to everything on your list, even knitting, which I only wish I did.

  9. I'm drooling over that garden. Can you tell me the name of the purply flower in the first photograph. The one where petals are almost getting blown away in the wind!

  10. Love the list and the accompanying pics - John is to be commended for the photos! Thanks for indulging us all. I saw this post early yesterday, but didn't have time to comment at the time. I was telling one of my dds about your list and she was just laughing at the way your "nailed us." (She knits, I do not. We're headed to the beach today for much needed and R&R and she is taking 84 Charing Cross Road with her - it will be her first Hanff, so we should have a new convert. :) )

  11. Came for the Barbara Pym post, stayed for those gorgeous garden pictures (also 'cause every mention to Helene Hanff fills my heart with joy). I live in South America, so Spring is just a vague memory, surrounded by mud and rain as we are. Lovely lovely pics!

  12. Your list of things readers have in common is spot on I think! Love the garden photos. My garden is still apple blossoms and tulips at the moment so all that green and flowers is a delight!

  13. Some of your best pictures EVER! That garden is beautiful. As for your list, I'm with you on:
    1,2,4,5,7,9,10,13. Hate typewriters, particularly love lists.

  14. Chiming in with the others: your list is incredibly accurate! :) Love the pictures as well.

  15. List is good and love that Odie is in the post along with Simon's Sherpa. We need a group photo. Hmm
    Gorgeous photos esp garden and the baby animals. Love it when people personalise their book blogs with their lives. Such fun!

  16. Jill: Move north young man, move north.

    Stu: thanks.

    JoAnn: I am one of you.

    Ted: Are you calling me manipulative?

    Audrey: If you see a Tim Hortons get some donut holes (Tim Bits) they are yummy. Way better than Dunkin Donuts.

    Alex: I will tell John you like his garden.

    Simon: I only ocassionally like to garden myself. Helps to be married to one.

    Bibliophiliac: I wish I could knit as well.

    Mystica: Not sure which one you are talking about.

    Susan: I wonder what it would be like to read 84CCR at the beach. Seems so incongruous.

    thecamomile: So glad you found other things to that you liked. And fun to think of BP being read in South America.

    Stefanie: We are definitely in late spring here.

    Nan: We are a kindred lot.

    Toward Infinity: John loves hearing that.

    Pam: I love a personalized book blog as well.

  17. You're right, we do love gardens. Well, I actually love every single thing on that list, so you clearly know me so well! The garden is beautiful. I've seen those purple flowers (the ones shaped like large purple balls) and I was wondering if you knew what they were called? I'm only now learning the names of flowers since I started growing them myself on my balcony.

  18. Lu (and Mystica): the purple flower is actually Alium. It is in the onion family.

  19. Sounds about right, and the chicken/egg bit made me laugh a lot.


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