28 May 2013

John's garden interlude

I tried to explain to John that a post filled with garden pictures would inerrupt the flow of my Pym countdown and that the countdown would be followed by eight days of Pym posts. He seemed to think that there is always room for garden pictures. So I am indulging him. Of course one imagines that Ms. Pym would approve.


The bulbs for the Love plant (oxalis) to the left was given to us by a friend who
took them from a plant I gave him back in 2000.

We first saw this 'Lord Bute' pelargonium at Sissinghurst about six years ago. John finally found a supplier in the US.


  1. Beautiful!! Of course my favorites are the ones with Lucy. I wonder if Barbara Pym liked dogs?

    And what's that white flower on the climbing vine behind Lucy in the last photo? Is it clematis? It's just beautiful.

  2. I am very happy you indulged John for the garden photos. We are now heading into winter here so photos of happy dogs in sunshine and lovely photos of flowers are always welcomed as a short interlude here also.

  3. Gorgeous. Barbara Pym would love it. Then she would go to a church rummage sale....

  4. More of these posts, please. I just love them. And of course, they fit right in with Barbara Pym. How about an Episcopal church scene next? :<))

  5. The fourth and the last photos of the garden, would those be 'dogwood' and 'dogbane'? Oh, wait, that's Lucy!

    I'm so jealous of John's beautiful garden. It's gorgeous.

  6. I agree with John, there is always room for garden pictures. Beautiful!

  7. These are gorgeous, and Lucy looks quite the sentinel in the last one (a little sleepy to be 'on watch' in the earlier shot ;) ).

  8. Goodness, you appear to have the dog equivalent of my cat, Morgan (the larger one lying on the floor in these pics http://librofulltime.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/new-office-mates/)

  9. Stefan: It's always nice when the garishness of azaela season in DC gives way to roses and other blooms.

    Karen: Pym would have found it impossible not to like Lucy. That is indeed a clematis. I think John has about 4 or 5 different type around the yard.

    Pam: Even though I have been there I still feel like the southern hemisphere is science fiction. Surely winter can't be in summer.

    Bibliophiliac: I think you are right, she would have enjoyed witting in our garden.

    Nan: John will keep the photos coming, I have no doubt of that. I think St. Alban's next to the National Cathedral might be the most Pymsian looking, but there are a few Anglo-Catholic churches here that might speak to her in other ways.

    Joan: Perhaps John needs to develop a hybrid and name it after Lucy.

    Stefanie: I am beginning to see that.

    Susan: She can go from eyes closed to chipmunk chaser in a millisecond.

    LyzzyBee: With their similar coloring Morgan would look cute snuggling with Lucy.


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