19 May 2013

Barbara Pym Reading Week is almost here

We are less than two weeks away from Barbara Pym Reading Week in honor of the centenary of Pym's birth.  Every day from June 1st to the 8th, Amanda at Fig and Thistle and I will be posting Pym-related features on our blogs. We will also be linking to other bloggers around the world who will also post Pym-related items that week. There will be GIVEAWAYS and even a CONTEST that we will announce on opening day of the reading week.

Don't have a blog but love Barbara Pym?
No problem. You will have lots of fun things to look at that week and will be eligible for the giveaways and the contest. And all of us bloggers love getting comments. We look forward to hearing what  you have to say.

Have a blog but don't know Barbara Pym?
No problem. This is your chance to be introduced to one of the 20th century's wittiest novelists. If you want to participate use one of the banners below on your blog to let people know you are taking part and let us know back on our blogs so we can link to your Pym-related post.

Don't have a blog AND don't know Barbara Pym?
No problem. Come back here  or go to Fig and Thistle on June 1st and see what all the fuss is about. You can also go to your library and check out a Pym novel, go to Open Road Media to download an electronic version.

On Facebook?
Blogger Heaven Ali is hosting a Virtual Tea Party on June 2nd in honor of Pym's 100th birthday.

On Twitter?
Amanda (@nerdybookgirl) and I (@Thomasatmyporch) and many others will be tweeting about all things Pym using #PymReadingWeek and #BarbaraPym100.  In fact the tweeting has already begun. (Some of us have already been called #PymPimps or #Pymps.)


  1. I'm in!! I just have to decide which Pym to read, as I have three unread on the shelves: Jane and Prudence, A Few Green Leaves, and No Fond Return of Love. Any suggestions?

  2. This sounds like fun! I've never read any Pym, but I've wanted to for quite some time. I have a copy of Excellent Women on hand, so that should work perfectly. How exciting!

  3. I'm looking forward to all the reviews and discussion - and am marking the calendar for the Virtual Tea Party - what fun! :)

  4. This all sounds really exciting, I am looking forward to it.
    I am hoping to read A Very Private Eye - the letters and diaries of Barbara Pym that week along with No Fond Return of Love - which is one of the novels I have read before and might just be my favourite.

    Actually the virtual tea party over on facebook is on the 2nd of June - though some people may choose to have a tea party on the 1st instead - it doesn't really matter.

  5. This is gonna be good!

  6. I have Excellent Women sitting on my TBR pile - I'd love to join. I just have to work out if I can do this and my CC spin book at the same time (Tess is a reread for me, so it shouldn't be too taxing....but I also have 4 other books on the go right now!!)

    I'll get back to you :-)
    Great idea though.

  7. So looking forward to it! I have A Few Green Leaves and An Unsuitable Attachment queued up for my readerly delectation...

  8. This is so exciting! Can't wait :)

  9. I've been looking forward to it for months. I'm going to be talking about food in her books...

  10. Karen: If you haven't started already, I would say No Fond Return of Love. I just read it and it is now perhaps my favorite.

    Nadia: Excellent Women is a classic and a pretty good place to start.

    Susan: I look forward to your comments.

    Heaven Ali: I think I may agree with you about NFRoL.

    Nan: Yay!

    Amanda: It is!

    Brona Joy: If you don't read it in time for Pym Week, the festivities will certainly make you move it up your list.

    Mel: I haven't read either of those yet.

    Feronia: That's great. So glad you are joing us.

    Geranium Cat: Great topic. Food historian Laura Shapiro gave a paper on the food of Pym at the conference in March.


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