25 March 2013

What a difference a day makes

On Saturday John and the yard service guys were out cleaning things up and mulching all the beds.
He took this picture yesterday.

Today that is all covered in snow.
40 Years Ago.
Coincidentally, when John was out working on Saturday a man who lived in our house from 1954 to 1967 stopped by and then emailed us this photo from when he lived here.

I painted our red front door blue earlier this month. Since this door will be replaced next year as part of our renovation, but needed paint, we decided to experiment with a different color.
This is Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue. The surround is Wimborne White.

This door will disappear as well so I decided to give Farrow & Ball's Cooking Apple Green a try.

Looks a little different this morning.


  1. Beautiful! I love that front door color. That's one of my favorite shades of blue, actually.

    Your home is lovely, beneath snow or not. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Paint the chain link fence same color as shutters.

    Wood fence has several color choices: shutter, siding or front door.

    Adore your home.

    Fabulous back terrace.....makes me want to 'show up' this summer !

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. Was totally surprised by this snow! I wish it happened yesterday so could have enjoyed it with a fire but alas, off to work we go. LOVE the hague blue front door -how do you guys feel about it?

  4. Picky: You should have seen how bright the blue was when it was wet. I was a little scared.

    Tara: Goodness, all the fencing will be replaced after our reno/addition next year. Holding off on most improvements until after that.

    Stefan: We really like the blue door, especially as a contrast to the previous red which was not a particularly good red (and one we didn't pick). I think we would consider putting Hague Blue on the new door next year. But the process has also made me a bit curious to try out other shades as well.

  5. We painted our front door once. It was a lovely shade on the paint chip but on the door and against the color of the house, it resembled eggplant which is really not what we wanted. It was hideous. It's fun to try paint out though.

  6. What a lovely house! I do like the Apple Green on the back door a lot. And I look forward to visiting, maybe in the autumn!

  7. It's so nice to have that photo of your home from decades ago. What a lovely man to take the time to send it to you, Thomas.

    Oh sure the snow is pretty all around your cosy house but I couldn't help looking for Lucy in the window!

  8. Your home is lovely. I would love to capture it in a sketch to add to my portfolio. I love how you have a bit of history, today and yesterday.


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