14 March 2013

Weekend Checklist

1. Fly to Boston

2. Go to Brattle Book Shop (thanks to Joan K.)

I'm not sure this outdoor part of Brattle Book Shop is open in March.
3. 2-hour massage

4. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

5. Museum of Fine Arts

6. Solemn Evensong at the Church of the Advent

7. Barbara Pym Society Annual Conference (my first time attending)

8. Boston Symphony Orchestra with Olivier Latry on the organ playing Saint-Saens Third Symphony

9. Meet a penpal I have had for 28 years for the first time.

10. Test Liz Lemon's theory that all the women at the St. Patrick's Day parade are called Meagan

11. Fly home


  1. In my new feed reader, the links for your blog are light blue and I swear it said BRAILLE bookshop, which of course gave me pause.

  2. All that in 48 hours? Whew! I hope you have an excellent time and I look forward to reading about it all later.

  3. Sounds brilliant! Wish I had a nice trip to Boston in my future! Hope you have a fantastic time. :D

  4. I'm impressed. (Also green with envy for the Barbara Pym conference, I love a good bookish conference. :))

  5. Have fun. Sounds great. Love the format of the post today. I might nick it to try out my day today though not nearly as much fun as your soon to be day.

  6. Now that sounds like on whirlwind weekend. I love the Boston Museums.

  7. The outdoor section of Brattle used to be open all year round but covered in rain or snow. I was just cleaning my library shelves yesterday and admiring all the beautiful old books I bought there, many for just $1.00, almost all for less than $10.00.

    I can't wait to read your blog about Boston. I hope you love it as much as I do. All those wonderful things you can do in Boston,walking from one to another or taking the T. So easy. World class museums and top of the line music and art. Trinity Church in Copley Square is worth a visit, too, for the John LaFarge stained glass.

    Ah, I miss Boston so much! When I fly into Logan, I usually get teary eyed!

  8. Wow! Sounds like you are about to have a fabulous weekend - enjoy!!

  9. You lead a very exciting life! Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously and have a wonderful time (I will too!)

  10. Welcome! Sorry about the cold weather, too too funny about the cushion.

  11. I hope you enjoy every minute. I will not be envious (repeating to self as many times as necessary :) ), but I will look forward to pictures of your book loot and a report on the music.

  12. Ti: A Braille bookshop wouldn't do me much good that is for sure.

    Ruthiella: I arrived at 10 AM on Friday, so that gave me a bit more time.

    Megan: I had a great time.

    JoAnn: Wish you had been at the conference, you would have loved it.

    Alex: It was wonderful.

    Pam: I think everything should be a list.

    Diane: I wish I had had more time at the museums.

    Mystica: No work, it was all fun.

    Joan: It was indeed open. And chilly. I will write about it later this week.

    Nadia: It was pretty fabulous.

    Georgia: It doesn't feel that exciting most of the time.

    Audrey: I liked the cold weather. Seemed totally appropriate.

    Susan: Book loot story yet to come.


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