02 February 2013

Cruise Day 12: St. John (by way of St. Thomas)

We decided to forsake my namesake island for John's. Even though I lived in Hawaii for two years and have been to Puerto Rico before, there was something very strange to me about these Virgin Islands belonging to the United States. It wasn't the fact that they use U.S. dollars, all islands in the Caribbean seem to. Maybe it was the overly long Department of Homeland Security annoucement on the ferry from St. Thomas to St. John. Or maybe it was the fact that despite being American, they drive on the left.

At any rate, St. John turned out to be our absolute favorite. The little port in Cruz Bay was cute as a button and the beaches were to die for. And the best part was that there was a National Park Service trailhead right near the ferry that provide an easy hike to three incredible beaches. We ended up spending the day on Honeymoon Beach. Easily one of the top beaches I have ever been to in my life. More remote than the beautiful Lanikai in Hawaii, more pristine than the wonderful pink sand beaches of Bermuda, and water as bright and beautiful as any I have ever seen.

I really want to go back.

After our time at the beach it was a hike back to the port and a surprisingly delicious fish sandwhich before catchng the ferry back to St. Thomas.

Leaving St. Thomas on the ferry

Arriving in St. John

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  1. Before I had my knee surgery I did visualization to prepare. THIS was the beach (in the last photo) that I pictured.....ahhhhhhhh.


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