02 February 2013

Cruise Day 11: Anguilla (by way of St. Maarten)

We had been to St. Maarten on our previous cruise. Although we had a nice time at a beach there, this time decided to take a ferry to Anguilla for the day. It was amazing. The place is so laid back and relatively undeveloped (cruise ships don't stop there). And the beaches. Oh the beaches. Unfortunately we didn't take our camera that day so I found some beach photos online. It really was this beautiful. The sand was amazing, the water was amazing. The little shack where we got some rum punch and fish sandwhiches was amazing. Loved Anguilla.  Will definitely go back to stay for a while.


  1. Wow Thomas - looks like a massive cuise ship, awesome interior, and great photo's of the day trips. Love the beach shots! Hope the trip is everything you hoped for.

  2. Love the shots of the clear water - am always amazed by the "blueness" of the tropical water. What an amazing vacation -- so glad y'all got to go! (And equally glad you are sharing the pictures.) I don't knit, but I love the knitted balloons - will have to share that pic with my dds who do that sort of thing.
    For me the biggest downside to this sort of vacation is that I would never want to come back home! ;)


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