02 February 2013

Cruise Day 1: The Ship

This was only our second cruise. Before we took our first one four years ago we really didn't think it would be for us. We are pretty independent travellers who like to get off the beaten path wherever we go. But we thought we would try it out for a week. We ended up liking it so much that decided that the next time we should go for two weeks. So this time we made good on that and went for 14 days.

When you tell people you are going on a cruise one of the first things they ask (not surprisingly) is "Where to?" If you find the right ship for your style, interest, pace, etc. it really doesn't matter where you cruise to especially when it is the Caribbean in January. No matter where you stop there will be sun, sand, and water.

We have only gone on Celebrity Solstice-class ships. They are big, and comfy, have remarkably tasteful interiors, tons to do, great food, great art, a fantastic spa and fitness center, and really, really great customer service. We have so enjoyed our two cruises on Celebrity that it is hard to imagine going on another line. Even when I look at higher end cruises they don't interest me much.

A vacation like this is so much about relaxing that we tend to forget to take pictures, but we did snap a few.

The Library. Purists like myself are not totally satisfied with this library. It is open to other decks and so isn't very quiet. The decorative books on the upper shelves are old law books and such and don't really make much sense on a ship even if they are just for decoration. As for the real books that people can take back to their cabins to read? Let's just say there were some very popular authors that I would never read. They did have an exhange shelf as well were I left about nine of the eleven books I read over the two weeks.

These people ordered a flight of martinis. The very talented bartender mixed up all six of them, then poured them into these glasses all at once from this stack of tumblers. It was like a colored waterfall of martini.

That's right, a vending machine for wine. There is a wine cellar lounge that is lined with bottles. All you need is your room key, put it in the slot then choose your 1 oz., 2.5 oz., or 5 oz. pour of your favorite.

Cruising does bring out the kid in me. I love all the big ships. That is a Holland America ship in the background.

The enormous, double wide Oasis of the Seas pulling out of Port Everglades. It carries about 6,000 passengers twice as many as our ship.

Pleasure boats taking the opportunity to cross the channel in between cruise ship departures.

I love watching the ships. That is a Princess ship in the background.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I've never had the desire to take a cruise, but this ship looks pretty magnificent. Can't wait to read about the rest of the trip.


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