26 December 2012

Books and dogs

The cartoon on the cover of A Book Addict's Treasury by Julie Rugg and Lynda Murphy, while cute in its own right, is merely an excuse for a new batch of gratuitous Lucy photos.


  1. There is no such thing as a gratuitous Lucy photograph. They are all necessary!

    I love your house. It's stylish and looks cozy and inviting.

    Happy New Year, Thomas, John, and Lucy.

  2. You should have called her «Yoda»! With a little advance, happy new year! Especially to Lucy, from Honey, my collie... They both share the same beautiful colors!!!

  3. The yawning pictures and the last one are my favs - I just love the beagle in her face - it brings back many memories of my first dog. Gratuitousness always appreciated here! :)

  4. Love that big wide yawn! Happy Boxing Day to you all.

  5. Such a gorgeous girl. Always lovely to see an animal enjoying such a wonderful home. All the best for the new year.

  6. Who's a good dog?!?!

    I used to have that quote from G. Marx on my blog's banner.

  7. Joan: Thank you. It does photograph nicely when the light is right. It is amazing what a lot of white paint will do. (Benjamin Moore White Dove to be exact.)

    Marie-Josee: You are right they are like Yoda ears.

    Susan: I think the second to the last one with just a bit of her tongue showing is awfully cute.

    Margaret: Thanks Margaret, hope you had a nice holiday.

    Pam: It's the pets that make the home.

    CB: I think I am remembering that now.


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