15 October 2012


This edition of Queen Lucia is available at The Book Depository.

Does anyone know of a good paperback edition of the Lucia series? I would like to own all of them in the same edition, but NOT an omnibus edition.


  1. Hilarious!

    I have the Black Swan paperback editions (as well as the Folio Society boxset) which have rather lovely covers.

  2. You remind me it's time to read Lucia again. Probably at 3 times read now.

    Alas, my paperback edition contains 5 books & is quite heavy in bed at nite.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. I still haven't read Lucia. Sigh.

    And is it just me or does that photo bear a strong resemblance to Lucille Ball? I haven't read Lucia, but that's not what I imagined at all.

  4. Oh, NO! I agree with Karen, very Lucille Ball.

    I read this on e-reader, so I don't know of a series that has all four with lovely covers that I could recommend. I'd suggest browsing LibraryThing and seeing which edition suits you best from their covers and choosing based on that.

  5. I know you said you don't want them in an omnibus, but I really quite like the Wordsworth Classics edition of the Complete Mapp & Lucia which comes in 2 volumes.
    Anything is better than the cover you featured here, I guess. :p

  6. Lucia doesn't look a bit like that... what a horrid book cover!

  7. Aarti - if you've only read four, then you're missing out on two of 'em! The series continues after Mapp and Lucia.

  8. I agree with Simon. The Black Swan editions (published in the 1980s)have slightly more appropriate 1920-style illustrations on the covers!

  9. That is Lucille Ball. How strange.

  10. Simon: I like the Folio set, but so expensive. And I never quite know what I think about boxed sets in general.

    Tara: I haven't read the whole series. That is why I am interested in starting from the beginning.

    Karen: Do yourself a favor and rent the Mapp and Lucia series on DVD. It is fabulous and truly, just as good as reading the books.

    Aarti: I have done a bit of trolling around looking for editions I like, but nothing definitive yet.

    Michelle: I might have to look into that, not ideal, but might be worth a look.

    Christine: Hilarious isn't it.

    Michelle: Certainly better than this one.

    Ti: A young Lucy that is for sure.

  11. I hope that you'll be able to see this LibraryThing link Benson covers. LibraryThing also had a link to The E.F. Benson Society.


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