14 October 2012

Penguin Books hates me (or the U.S., or people who still read books made of paper...)

This Anita Brookner novella is only available in e-format and that e-format isn't available in the United States. (At least according to iBooks, and Penguin's website.)


Another reason to hate e-readers. If this was a real book only available in the UK, I could at least have a friend buy it and mail it to me.

Anyone know a way around this?


  1. Amazon let me download it (based in Australia), so I'm surprised it isn't open to the US, as usually it's Australians who get denied (and/or charged more). Can you see it here? http://www.amazon.com/At-Hairdressers-Penguin-Specials-ebook/dp/B0069YVY1A/ You'd need the Kindle app on your computer/tablet to read it. The other solution would be for someone with access to it to try sending it to you as a "gift". I am very happy to see if this works - let me know (skiourophile@gmail.com).

  2. Just for speculation, I wonder if you could change your address to one in the u k then change it back? Of course if they study what you did they could catch it but why would they.

  3. Thanks for the help. I finally figured it out:

    I had to 1) update my itunes software, 2) sync my iPad, 3) update my iPad OS, 4) download kindle for iPad app, 5) get an Amazon account, 6) sync my Amazon account with my Kindle for iPad, 7) go to Amazon and buy At the Hairdresser's, 8) go back to my iPad to read...

  4. Thank goodness it proved so simple. ;-)

  5. How intriguing that an Anita Brookner work is ONLY available as an e-Book. Harbinger of things to come? While I'm starting to move to e-reading in a bigger way, slowly (!), I'm not sure I'm ready to have no choice in the matter.


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