27 August 2012

The Last of the Maine Photos (now with extra Lucy)

Our camera seemed not to come out as much this year on our trip than it did last year. I am not sure why. I am a big believer that people spend too much time taking snaps instead of enjoying the moment, but to be honest, I say that, but then I rely on all the great pics that John takes to illustrate our vacations on this blog. Anyhoo, I am glad there were fewer this year so I there were fewer to comb through and post--a remarkably tedious process.

So here is a sample of the photos from the rest of our trip.

A foggy day on Monhegan Island

My niece on Monhegan

Tuckered out on Monhegan from all the attention on the ferry



The cener of attention on the Ferry (except for the guy reading!)

Lucy and John

I love this picture of Lucy. She looks like a shark on the prowl.

The second week we moved from Port Clyde to Deer Isle. This is the view from our deck.

Lucy spent a lot of time at this door looking at squirrels and...


The best ice cream in Maine (and that is a high bar)

Relaxing in the car

Seriously delicious Mexican food with a Maine twist

I think Lucy is part mountain goat

We wore her out. [UPDATE: Contrary to how it looks, Lucy's ears arent' actually drooping, they were caught in mid-bounce as she ran along the rocks. No matter how tired she is they never droop like that.]

I'll end with this spectacular sunset from Port Clyde


  1. I LOVE how lucy's ears get tuckered out just like the rest of her in that next to last photo.

    i also have some other comments that require your attention.

  2. I think Lucy is into bunnies because they have similar ears.

    Love the Lucy jumping on the rocks photos!

    The other photos are wonderful as well. But the Lucy ones are awesome!

  3. The only time Lucy's ears droop is when she is tuckered out.

    Lucy does well with the attention. I am still working on our pup in that area.

  4. The "shark shot" is great!

    What I can't figure out is how you kept Lucy from tearing down that front door with the bunnies and squirrels in sight. She must be amazingly well behaved (the beagle part of her is definitely subdued!).

    Beautiful pictures - your vacation pictures are always so relaxing. Thanks to you both for sharing them with us.

  5. Looks like a stunning, relaxing vacation. I'm envious. Our's is quite late this year. We don't leave for another 3 weeks!

  6. I love that the ratio of Lucy pictures to everything else is about 50:50. Exactly how it should be!


    Lucy is adorable, as is your beautiful niece! Looks like she would quite happily steal Lucy away!!

  8. Oh my goodness...love the shot of Lucy passed out in the grass, she couldn't even make it to her bed!

    And thanks for the ice cream craving, Thomas!

  9. Schmickdeniz: I updated the caption on that photo because her ears actually don't get tuckered out.

    Margaret: The rock photos don't even begin to relate how spectacular her jumping skills are.

    Ti: We were very lucky that Lucy was that friendly with kids, dogs, and adults when we adopted her. I updated that photo caption because that actually just shows her ears bouncing. They never get tuckered out.

    Susan: She is a bit of a cat when it comes to spying on prey. Now if a strange human or dog walked in her field of vision, that would be a differnt story.

    Ted: I love taking a late vacation. Where are you going?

    Steph: I am glad you have time for a Lucy break on your travels. I love reading about your experiences.

    Rachel: She has three dogs at home, but she does have a special spot for Lucy.

    Darlene: Ice cream. We are both on diets since we got back. sigh.

  10. I love the photos of Lucy jumping around on the rocks. The smells of the tidepools and seaweed must be awesome to a dog's nose. When I was in Maine a couple of weeks ago, we saw some Bernese Mountain Dogs go exploring during low tide. They eventually responded to the calls of their owner, but there was definite reluctance.

  11. Oh -- it's been much too long since I checked in on the blog. You were here, and I didn't even know! So sorry to have missed you. Please let me know next time you're anywhere in a 100-mile radius.


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