18 August 2012

A Glimpse of What's to Come

I've barely had a chance to glance at the 1100 pictures we took in Maine, but I thought I would share these two with you.

What could be better than a book, a dog, and great view?


  1. Love that view of the trees across the water!

  2. The grass is always greener, I suppose, because despite traveling through Japan right now, this picture makes me so jealous! We've been having a great time, but it has been SO busy that I've literally read 2 pages of fiction since being here (the rest of my time is spent looking at travel guides planning our next day). Once we're done with Japan I hope we land somewhere where I will have time to read again!

  3. What a beautiful view, and I'm glad you had a book with you - I never travel anywhere without at least one book.

  4. I love how Lucy curled up in that little patch of shade.

  5. Mystica: It was a great spot to relax.

    Steph: I totally understand. But my guess is that one day soon, despite whatever sights and sites surround you, you will ignore them all, plop down, and read.

    Christine: I wouldn't be caught dead without a book.

    Ti: I know, isn't that the cutest. I thought so at the time and am just glad John was back at the house getting a picture of it.


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