09 May 2012

Dick Cheney and Barack Obama Finally Agree on Something



  1. I can hear the howling from the Right now- As far as I'm concerned anybody can marry anyone they want to. No one else's business. I am surprised about Cheney, but his daughter is gay, isn't she? Or maybe the heart he received was from someone gay!

  2. I think as Obama and his people sense victory in the election, he will feel less need to cater to right wing in American politics. I applaud his courageous stance.

  3. bravo Monsieur Obama !!


  4. Interesting observation. Perhaps there's something about them we didn't know? Perhaps I should write for the National Enquirer.

  5. Betsy: Cheney's daughter is gay, but that didn't keep him from letting Karl Rove make gays the wedge issue of the 2004 election.

    Mel: I hope you are right about the victory part.

    Danielle: Bravo indeed.

    Columnist: Besides this, I am not sure what that could be.

    Kathleen: And so it will be someday.


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