28 November 2011

Shelf Esteem No. 5


Cozy Factor: The cool, bright white makes it hard to call this one cozy. But I can imagine being very happy here.

The Books: Mainly fiction from what I can see. Paul Auster Mr. Vertigo, Tom Wolfe A Man in Full, James Joyce Ulysses, Don Delillo Libra, Paul Bowles The Sheltering Sky, Paradise Lost, Tropic of Cancer, a lot of men on these shelves...he has the same exact old paperback of Death in Venice that I have...Leaves of Grass (a favorite of mine), Sister Carrie (a great old American classic) and then finally we get to the obligatory The Bell Jar. But then I spy a little Carol Shields, Iris Murdoch, and even Anita Brookner.

The Shelves: I would be plenty happy with these. I like the way they go over the door and that there is plenty of capacity.

Is this person a reader? Yes. I don't think he reads as much as he would like to, but he honors books enough that not one of them here looks decoratrive.

The book would I read if I had to choose one: I think I spy a copy of Villette which I own but haven't read yet.


  1. Oh I hope this is a guest bedroom...I just can't imagine trying to sleep with Milton and Joyce looking down on me every night.


  2. I'm just amazed that you can figure out all those titles from the photo -- either the original was much clearer or you have amazing magnifying vision -- are you a literary superhero of some kind? Either way, I'm impressed.

  3. I like this one. I could so sleep surrounded by books. And, I'm with you on that shelf over the door thing...it may be in my future when I run out of walls. Love this feature!

  4. Wow these are beautiful shelves. I also like the two small reading lamps attached to the inside walls near the head of the bed.

  5. I love these posts - mainly because I'm completely nosy. But how how how can you SEE the titles of the books? It's utter madness...you must have a magnifying glass over there surely..

  6. I really love the shelves on each side of the bed, but not the wall hanging above it! I just saw a similar arrangement, sans the wall hanging, on the Garnet Hill site.


  7. I wanted to show you a bedroom I just adore. I'd probably never leave this room:


    Scroll down to the third photo.The only thing I don't like is the wallpaper. But the books, the colors, the light are wonderful.

  8. Yeah, that picture above the bed. Not sure what it's of, but I don't think I like it. The bedstand is kind of cool though. The bookshelves are all right - too much white for me though I think.

    - Christy

  9. Really enjoying your Shelf Esteem posts. Have you this website? Many bookshelf photos to drool over.

  10. Melody: Milton and Joyce are on the bottom shelf so they would actually looking up at you. Would that be better or make no difference?

    Karen: The originals are much clearer but still require a magnifying glass. My scanner doesn't get as high a resolution as I would like.

    Susan: I think we will probably do shelves above the door when we finally get to redoing our library.

    Brenna: Those are great reading lights. Suggesting a true reader.

    Relish: Years ago John gave me a lovely antique magnifying glass that I am finally putting to use.

    Nan: I do kind of like the art work above the bed. I love the picture in the link and agree with you. But my OCD would have me constantly worrying that those brackets would give way some night and I would be crushed to death by books, brackets, and boards.

    Christy: I love the nightstand. Looks like an old log end.

    Stefanie: I love that website but I haven't been there in a while.

  11. Your shelf-esteem segments make me so very depressed. I's take any one of them. Great feature.

  12. This is my new favorite blog feature! And my time suck for the day. So much for the Christmas cards . . .


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