05 November 2011

Bits and Bobs (followed by Shelf Esteem)

Tomorrow is the day
I got my hands on The Great Penguin Bookchase back in July and have been dying to play it. Unfortunately it is difficult to find folks in the flesh who are interested or who read enough to be worthy opponents. So I knew that my only chance for a meaningful game was to get some local book bloggers over for game night--which is much harder than you might think. Turns out bloggers are busy people and finding a mutually convenient time to play is not easy. But tomorrow is the day. So barring any last minute cancellations, I will finally get to crack open the cellophane wrap on the box of questions and sit down to a spirited game with Frances, Teresa, and Christy.

Trying to do a year-end clean-up
In general I try not to set strict rules for myself when it comes to what I will read next, but I am really feeling the need to focus my reading energy between now and the end of the year. I have nine books that I currently have underway. Two of them (not in the photo below) I will finish this weekend. But I have seven more that were started so bleeding long ago, I don't even remember when I first picked them up. So even though I have piles and piles of other books just dying to be read, I really feel like I can't read anything until I clear the decks of these nine books. I don't think my OCD will allow me to start 2012 with these books cluttering up mind and nightstand. Must....finish....them....

Persephone blurbed me again
Happy to get the latest issue of the Persephone Biannually and even happier to find inside an excerpt of my review of the wonderful The Fornight in September.


  1. Go for the Count - it may be the most pages left, but the pages will start to fly by... :)
    You are not alone in the year-end clean-up OCD. I'm just glad there are others out there who can relate!

  2. And, of course, will envy the game tomorrow. Enjoy!

  3. I'm so excited about the game tomorrow. I'm glad we finally found a day!

  4. I am also highly anticipating the game tomorrow and meeting other book bloggers in-person!

    And totally understand the need to finish out those books before the year's end.

    - Christy

  5. Wish I could be there for the game! Sakura, Claire and a couple others played it together, and had great fun... we should do it again this side of the ocean...

  6. Really need this bit of bookish fun right now. So excited! See you later with bells on and wine in hand.

  7. Ooh, enjoy. I've only ever played with my husband and he isnt a great book lover but it's still fun.

  8. That game looks like fun. Too bad you don't live closer to North Georgia. I'd love to play.

    BTW -- I'd love to submit pictures of my shelves and have you psychoanalyze me. Or tell my fortune. Or do something equally amazing.

  9. Susan: I am going to go for all of them. I know I just need to re-engage with the Count. I think it might be the only book I take with me when we go to Phoenix this week. I never take only one book.

    Teresa: Me too.

    Christy: Can't wait to meet.

    Simon: You could come this way as well you know.

    Frances: Yay, I can't wait.

    Verity: I have resisted playing with non-readers. I figured it would be a lose/lose situation if I tried.

    Amanda: I don't need to see your shelves, your blog is all I need to psychoanalyze you.

  10. Saw your review in the Persephone Biannually; so fun to be in a lit magazine, isn't it? I'm totally envious of the fun you will have with Frances and others tonight...I'm lifting a glass of wine to toast to you all from way over here in Illinois.

  11. My husband has read Family Man and thought it just wonderful. I've gotten him the new collection for his upcoming birthday (which he shares with CT as a matter of fact!) - Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin. Did you happen to see CT on Book TV? Such a lovely man.

  12. So envious of an opportunity for a bookish game night with other bloggers! Can't wait to hear all about it.

    It's funny, but I've been considering making a project of finishing those books started long ago, too. My worry is that I haven't picked them up in so long I won't even remember the characters (The Way We Live Now). I think you should finish up The Count... you'll reach a point (maybe three or four hundred pages from the end) where you can't stop reading.

    Congrats on the Persephone blurb! Wish my Biannually would arrive...

  13. One day I might make it to the US... I seem to have whatever the opposite of itchy feet is.

  14. Love Calvin Trillin--have you read his novel Tepper Isn't Going Out? Great stuff.
    And congrats on being blurbed! What fun.


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