12 October 2011

I am glad I am not a publicist

Debi Mazar who played the
foul mouthed publicist on Entourage
(and who has nothing to do with this post).
I got the following email today from an author's publicist:
With Halloween approaching, I wanted to let you know about Irish author, broadcaster and literary historian [Author's Name] Kindle Single, [Book Title]. The Birth of Dracula, in which he deconstructs the myth of the modern vampire by revealing the relationship between blood, sex and everlasting life and by revisiting the 19th century birth of Dracula at the hands of his countryman, Bram Stoker.

From his eye-witness account of a castle that inspired Stoker, to his re-telling of myths from the Bible, to the gothic Victorians, to the modern screen, [Author] weaves a visceral and compelling thesis, contending that the vampire story has been a part of the human narrative from the time stories were first shared.

Please consider covering [Title] on your blog. I'd, of course, be happy to offer you a free download, which can be read with the Kindle app on many e-readers, smart phones and your desk- or laptop with the Amazon Cloud Reader. 
I know they send out mass emailings hoping someone will bite (no pun intended) but this one is so off base it is laughable.

1. Vampires bore me.

2. I read very little non-fiction.

3. I don't use an e-reader.

4. Only once in my life have I accepted a review copy (by the wonderful Maggie O'Farrell).

Do you think this counts as me covering this book on my blog?


  1. I also received this pitch, but then again, I seem to only receive pitches that are for books that I would never ever read and which make it clear that the publicist has not read my outlined "Review Policy" section.

  2. I never got that pitch. Must be doing something wrong. You can forgive them about the e-reader though since there are other ways to read an e-book if you're keen.

    As regards your post. I'm sure that's more than most would have done, me included had I been included.

  3. Publicist pitches are now my favorite form of humor! And it's even better when they tell you how much they love your blog, all the while getting your name wrong, not to mention your reading and reviewing preferences!

  4. Pfff. I get this rubbish for like...romantic romps on greek islands...and the like. HAVE THEY READ MY BLOG!? The closest I've probably got is Captain Corelli...

  5. Yep, I got that one, too - laughable. Maybe I need a review policy after all...

  6. I got *given* a copy of The Single Girl's To-Do List.

  7. Steph: I am sure they have no time to actually know anything about who they are writing to. I would think it could back fire--like I could have actually named the book...

    Jim: If the book sounds good to you, I can email you the pitch.

    Jill: I am just glad I don't get many of them.

    Relish: The trailer for Captain Corelli was enough to convince me I would never read the book.

    JoAnn: Might be a good idea.

    Simon: Should I make a joke here? Actually I'm curious what might be on that to-do list.

    Susan: Probably not what she was hoping for.

  8. No, you're all right there. I think I'll pass on that one.

  9. Afraid I can't help your curiosity - it went straight to the charity shop. And my innocent little mind hadn't spotted that joke...


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