27 September 2011


Recently I stumbled across the BBC show "Outnumbered". Most of you in the UK probably know what I am talking about, but for those who have never seen this brilliantly cast comedy, "Outnumbered" is based on the lives of three precocious children and their haggard parents. And it is hilarious. I like the middle to later episodes where the children are slightly older, but I haven't seen an episode that I haven't liked.

Karen's take on Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson

Ben and Karen frustrate a man of the cloth

Colonoscopies and 9/11

Karen takes on door-to-door sales

Airport Security


  1. Funny! I've never heard of this show. Oh do try Miranda starring Miranda Hart. I discovered it a few months ago and just love it!

  2. I just saw this in passing the other day...the family was visiting London, and it was hysterical.
    Thanks for visiting - today and before - and you have a very good eye on the Grant Wood painting! It is great, isn't it!

  3. This is indeed a wonderfully funny show. Did you know it's all improvised? They just tell the kids what they want them to talk about and then leave them to get on with it. The little girl, by the way, who is quite astonishingly good in this show, plays Princess Margaret in The King's Speech.

  4. OMG, I've never heard of this show, but will see if I can get it on Netflix! How very funny!

  5. Thank you! Heard this show talked about on a podcast ages ago and after a bit forgot the name of it. Love kids with ideas and a sense of humour.

  6. Love the progam. One of my favourite episodes is the one where Sue's sister has married the weird American life coach with the pony tail :)

  7. So glad you've discovered this - it's one of my absolute favourite programs. Actually saw the lady who plays the mum reading from a Peirene book a few months back, she did it brilliantly. The male comedian is quite often on UK panel shows and always makes me giggle. At least if you've only just discovered it you should have plenty of episodes to watch!

  8. Mrs B: I will have to look into Miranda Hart. Always like finding new things.

    Audrey: The London visit episode was hilarious.

    Harriet: It definitely has the feeling of being improvised and so darn believable.

    Jen: I haven't checked Netflix yet, but I would be happily surprised if they have it.

    Darlene: I'm glad I cold jog your memory.

    Jodie: I'm always torn when the Brits depict Yanks. I guess we don't like the mirror. But the parts of that episode that I have seen are hilarious. I particularly like the way Karen refuses to buy into his self-help way of life.

    Polly: The parents play their parts so well. I think dad's sarcastic mutterings are particularly funny.

  9. Oh thanks for the videos! I had such fun watching them and will have to figure out how to watch this show now....


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