12 August 2011

Maine: Our home away from home

John is the master online sleuth when it comes to finding beautiful things. He did a wonderful job finding us this old school rustic Maine cottage for our two-week stay on Islesboro. He even managed to convince the owner to relent on his no pets policy.

The view from the hammock

Looow tide

High tide


  1. Oh my. That's absolutely idyllic! I would love to find a place like that ... except I might never come home!

  2. I am speechless. And currently working out how I can get together the money to buy a house in Maine in the future.

  3. Perfect place for all of you, so glad Lucy was able to share the experience.
    Next year (!) or next time, do save time for the secondhand bookshops in Wells--there are several, all filled with temptations. And the pies at the Maine Diner are kind of awesome, too!
    Some friends of ours were having their holiday on Isleboro a couple of weeks back, we saw them afterwards and they were similarly enchanted...it was their first time.

  4. So spectacular! It sounds like John would be good as a vacation planner, say, for interested bloggers...

  5. I have been lurking for a while, but this post finally brought me out of the woodwork.

    Here in Texas, we had not had rain since last October so everything was extremely dry and scorched etc. We did get rain last night which helped, but when I saw how much moisture was shown in your photos, I just about swooned with delight.

    Really atmospheric photos - good job. Wish I was there!!

    BTW, really enjoy your blog.
    liz in texas

  6. Wow! I, too, would never want to come home. Beautiful pictures.

  7. Oh, how I miss Maine! Sigh. And I love that your cottage had the distinctive side shingling that I strongly associate with the coast of Maine. Lovely place!

    - Christy

  8. I love Maine, and regret that we are not able to visit this summer. Looking at your pictures may be the next best thing!

  9. Laura: It was hard to come home. Thankfully both of us would like to retire northward one day. It would be awful if one of us wanted to go the other direction.

    Rachel: We were thinking the same thing. The house next to this one, which was absolutely the cutest thing ever, was for sale. We thought about it.

    Margaret: I think I mentioned that we will probably rent a house on the mainland next time for that very reason. Although it will be tough not to go back to this one.

    Rhapsody: He is good at finding discreet things. I am the planner in the family. I usually plan things about a year out and even have a five year plan for vacations. We don't always stick to it, but it helps us visualize the possibilities.

    Liz: I am so glad you decided to de-lurk. I can only imagine what you have been going through. We get terrible heat and humidity here but we also get rain.

    Susan: Thanks.

    Christy: We chose this one because it did seem to exemplify Maine so well.

    JoAnn: I am glad you can live vicariously.

  10. I have always wanted to go to Maine, and this just looks perfect. I love that style of house. Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your vacation.


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