09 August 2011

Maine: Lucy meets the ocean

While we waited for our ferry to Islesboro, Lucy had a chance to meet the ocean for the first time.

Lucy looking very unsure.

Notice the "I can flee at any moment" leg stance.

Making sure the rock has no nefarious intentions.

And a step back in response to her first little wave.

Making sure the seaweed's credentials are in order.

Toes wet at last. But that is about as far as she went. This is no water dog.


  1. Lucy is so sweet! Our little corgi is also deeply suspicious of water and refuses to go anywhere near it, whereas our other dog (a pit-bull mix) loves water so much. We have plans to take her canoeing one of these days so she can really get her feet wet! Rory, however, will stay at home (where he'll be nice and dry!).

  2. This had me lol - did Lucy bark at the waves? She looked like she was close, if she didn't. :)

  3. Maddie, my Yorkie, absolutely hated the beach and tugged on her leash like mad every time I brought her near the water. Too funny.

    Love seeing dogs and their different reactions to water.

  4. This is just adorable. Funny how some dogs are like that around water. Zelda will not set one paw in the lake - ever!

  5. Thomas, brilliant captions to the pics. They almost steal the limelight from Lucy! Your blog is always a great mix of Lucy, Lit and Love. Norman.

  6. Oh, yeah. Lovely pics of an adorable doggie.

  7. We call our pup The Otter Pup because when she rolls onto her back, which she does every time we approach, she looks just like an otter. However, she has yet to come in contact with the ocean or any body of water really.

    She LOVES her baths, so maybe she would take to the water okay, but in So Cal, there are few beaches that allow dogs.

    At least Lucy gave it a go!

  8. Steph: It must be Lucy's corgi-ness that keeps her out of the water.

    Susan: She doesn't bark at much, so the waves didn't incite any vocalization.

    Picky: We definitely let Lucy set her own boundaries when it came to the water.

    Mystica: Thanks.

    JoAnn: So proximity doesn't change a dog's mind. Good to know.

    Norman: Wait till you see the Lucy pictures coming up...

    Margaret: I don't recall seeing your dogs in the water. Do they ever go in?

    Ti: Lucy doesn't really like baths either.


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