13 August 2011

Maine: Islesboro

The cozy cottage we rented in Maine is on Islesboro which is a 13 miles long island 30 minutes by ferry from Lincolnville. John Travolta has a house here (right across Sabbathday Harbor from our cottage) but he didn't seem to be in residence while we were there.

You wouldn't believe all the goodies behind this unassuming facade.

The lighthouse at the ferry landing.

The ferry coming in from Lincolnville.

This beautiful Episcopal church gives you some idea of the grand nature of the early
development of the island.


  1. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Isleboro. My husband and I married in Newport, RI, and loved spending times north of there when we lived in NJ. Now that we have three children (and living in NC) it has become a teeny bit more challenging to travel that far. Did you rent the cottage for a week? Can you rent it for longer? A month? Now that would be cool.

    xoxo michele

  2. For whatever reason, the most beautiful churches I've encountered in the U.S. have been predominantly Episcopalian. There is a very nice one with a bell tower in Bar Harbor, ME on Cottage St. And there is a very tiny church on Little Cranberry Island that I recall, which had chickens on its stoop when I saw it.

    - Christy

  3. What a beautiful place to visit! I've never been to Maine but it is definitely on my list of places to see before I die.

  4. Michele: I think after this trip I am interested in making the Northeast our annual summer spot. We have done it before and loved it, but now with dog we are much interested in taking driving vacations so she can come with us. We rented the house for two weeks.

    Christy: You may be right about that, but on Islesboro there was a really cute little Catholic church that was just as picturesque.I didn't manage to get a picture of it though.

    Kathleen: There is so much similar beauty in California. You may not need to travel across the country for a similar experience.


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