09 August 2011

Maine: The ferry to Islesboro

Given that this was our first vacation with Lucy, it is hard to interpret the trip without lots of references to her.

Isn't she cute in her doggie life preserver? It is making me rethink my disdain for doggie outfits...

Lucy studying the life boat safety protocols.

Wondering why we aren't taking the time to acquaint ourselves with the emergency procedures.

It didn't take long for Lucy to make friends.

Life is tough.

Saying goodbye to the mainland.


  1. Awww, yes, Lucy is adorable in her life jacket. My fav has to be the "tough" picture - you can really see the beagle look in her face. Absolutely precious!

  2. I feel like a neglectful 'parent' - Zelda has no life jacket! Love the pictures of Lucy with all the kids.

  3. Wonderful pics Thomas...such a trusting gaze in Lucy's eyes.


  4. Susan: Everywhere we went she met friends like that.

    JoAnn: The life jacket seemed like overkill, but since we don't know her swimming ability. And then of course she looks so cute in it.

    Norman: I hope that is true.


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