13 August 2011

Maine Books: Sarah and Sarton

I mentioned how Sarah the painter/lurker gave me two books when I met her on Islesboro. Well one of them was a singed May Sarton. What an amazing gift.

Four more Sartons I found on vacation.


  1. Dare I admit I had never heard of Sarton before? I think I need to "meet" her. Btw, the VMC looks beautiful too.

  2. Wonderful!
    Just a side note. I know a man who most likely contracted Lyme disease on Islesboro so you might want to be sure you weren't bitten.

  3. Now you definitely came home with more than you went with, and I don't mean dirty laundry LOL

    Seriously, great finds.

  4. Iris: Sarton was a wonderful novelist, poet, and her journals are really great. Do a Sarton search on my blog and you will see all the times I have blogged about her. She is a treasure.

    Nan: Apparently the DC area has the highest incidence of lyme disease in the country so I am used to that danger.

    Diane: I still have more books to show you all in the coming days. And we had a washer and dryer in the cottage so almost all of our laundry was clean when we got home.

  5. OK, I have to ask -- how many books did you bring on vacation, and how many more did you buy? I always bring too many with me and inevitably buy more anyhow. I am in mortal fear of running out of reading material on a trip!

  6. Wow, and I've heard that NH has the highest incidence. It is a truly scary thing. Have you seen the film Under Our Skin? It's on Netflix, if you are interested in this subject.


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