12 August 2011

Maine Books: Discovering Daphne

Since Simon and Polly who are hosting Discovering Daphne in October asked me to make buttons for their event I got to thinking that I need to discover Daphne for myself. I have never read anything by du Maurier. So a few months back when I found this great copy of Hungry Hill I had to buy it. So imagine my delight when I came across this similar edition of Rebecca while we were in Maine.


  1. Great copy of Rebecca -- you are so lucky! And you MUST read it -- it is the Best. Book. Ever!!!!!!! I can't believe you haven't read any du Maurier yet.

    I hadn't heard of Hungry Hill so thanks for the heads-up, I'll look for it in my library. I just finished My Cousin Rachel and a Rebecca reread in the same week so I'm a little obsessed with du Maurier at the moment if you'll excuse the excitement.

  2. I need to sign up for this. I LOVE Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel. I really want to read a collection of her short stories or Jamaica Inn. Nice button.

  3. Karen: I have yet to hear anyone say "I don't like du Maurier". So it is time I read her isn't it? I am waiting until October though.

    Amanda: I actually made several buttons for the event. I think they have more of them posted if you follow the Simon link in this post.


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