25 August 2011

All Hail Miss Buncle!

I don't normally post much about a particular book until I finish reading it, but Miss Buncle's Book is so infectiously charming I couldn't resist.  I am sitting here on my lunch hour grinning while I read. Makes me want to read everything DE Stevenson has ever written.

This is DE Stevenson, but in my mind Miss Buncle probably
looks a lot like this as well.

I don't have this copy. I am reading the
Persephone edition.

Miss Buncle does NOT look like Margaret
Thatcher circa 1982.


  1. Wonderful to see new fans being created as her books begin to be reprinted more often!

  2. LOL at the Margaret Thatcher comment.

  3. Always glad to read a positive comment about a book languishing on my shelf. Enjoy!

  4. Kristi: Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad to be introduced to your blog.

    Emily: It is such an ugly cover too.

    Darlene: This one should NOT languish on your shelf. As soon as you finish the first chapter you are going to wonder why you waited so long.

  5. It is a charmer isn't it? I want to read the second book!

  6. I LOVED Miss Buncle's Book! After I read it I emailed Persephone and BEGGED them to reprint the sequel -- turns out I was not the first and it was already in the plans. Now if they'd only print more books by Winifred Watson who wrote Miss Pettigrew, none of them seem to be in print.

    I was lucky enough to have a library with Miss Buncle Married and I was able to find the third in the series, The Two Mrs. Abbots. I liked them both but Miss Buncle's Book is still my favorite.

  7. Mrs B: I am going to order the second one from Persephone this week.

    Karen: I hear that Miss B is the best (doesn't the Persephone intro more or less say that), but I still want to read more of her. Especially the Miss B books. On the other hand I LOVED Paul Gallico's Flowers for Mrs Harris but found the sequels almost not worth reading. Although many disagree with me on that. Have you read Mrs Harris. You should!

  8. I read it in the Maggie Thatcher edition, which is maybe why I wasn't so keen.


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