11 July 2011

IABD: Bits and Bobs (the Brookner Edition)

There is a 1987 Paris Review interview with Anita Brookner that is a fascinating look into Brookner's life and work.

My favorite line, however, is from the introduction.
When asked how it felt to work in the male-dominated atmosphere of Cambridge University in the sixties, she answered, “Nobody looked all that male and I didn’t look all that female.”
What a hoot. If you want to read the interview follow this link.

And for a review of another sort, there is a fabulous review by Bibliolathas of Brookner's Lewis Percy over at IABD.

And for another take on Paris, it occurred to me that many of Brookner's novels could count toward the Paris in July Challenge since so many of her characters spend time there. Paris in July is being hosted by BookBath and Thyme for Tea.

As Simon says, there may only be 5 days until International Anita Brookner Day, but that is plenty of time to read one of her novels. (Check out Simon's blog to see his great new masthead.)

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  1. Thanks for the link. I love that quotation in no 1. Brilliant. The article is extraordinary.


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