03 June 2011

What's not to like?

I pulled this out of a magazine (the now defunct Domino, I think) back in 2008 before I knew anything about Persephone or the Penguin Great Ideas series, or the Art of the Novella series from Melville House. I just thought it was a fantastic page full of...bookish eye candy. I recently unearthed it as I was doing some sorting and was struck by how so much on this page has become a part of my life.

UPDATE: I just noticed when I went to the Melville House link I provided that they are offering all 37 of their novella series at 30% off plus a tote bag. But that still comes to $300. I am so tempted but I can't figure out if I really want the books or it is just my OCD kicking in.


  1. That's fantastic. If I saw that page, I'd want every single one of those books.

  2. These are all wonderful Thomas I love the everyman wodehouses there so pretty ,all the best stu

  3. I think you want the novella series. They don't just look good, the are good. At lest the four or five of them that I've read were good.

  4. Sakura: It's wonderful isn't it.

    Stu: I have two of those that I got cheap a few years ago.

    Mystica: They are aren't they.

    CB: Awww, now you are making it really hard for me. I had almost convinced myself not to buy them.


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