12 June 2011

This week from the CSA

Getting a share in a Community Supported Agriculture group was one of the best things I have ever done. Each wednesday we go pick up a mystery box of fresh, local, organic produce. So far this season we have had lots of greens but that appears to be transitioning into things like zucchini and beets. Can't wait for tomato season. We also bought a fruit share, which won't begin until this coming week.

There are some CSAs here in the DC area that are quite sophisticated, they let you go online each week and order what you want. But I chose a CSA that offers the mystery box because otherwise I end up buying the same thing every week. Plus I am finding that I enjoy the challenge of figuring out tasty ways to use everything in the box. I also seem to enjoy the challenge of not letting any of it rot. When I get produce from the grocery store I feel like I often end up throwing half of it away.

So here is this week's box.

From back left: collard greens, curly endive, lacinato kale, dill, spring onions,
zucchini, mushrooms, portabella mushrooms


  1. I love my CSA too. I've been a member for 3 or 4 years, and I also have one where I don't get to choose. I've learned to use so many veggies I never would buy on my own (fennel, kohlrabi, Jerusalem artichokes). Yum!

  2. Gorgeous! But you and Teresa could come volunteer on my school farm some Sunday and take stuff away too. :) Why I do not need a CSA now.

  3. I love getting our CSA box, too. We eat so many veggies during the summer in an effort to keep up with both our box and our big front-yard veggie garden. (My homeschooled son jokes that it is OUR school farm.)

  4. That's awesome -- and mouth-watering! My boyfriend just moved to a place that's very near a weekend farmer's market, and I'm super excited to see what we can find there in the coming months. He came home with boxes of cherries, fresh herbs and onions on Saturday.

  5. What great produce!

    My daughter belongs to a coop in MA and loves it. You can't beat the freshness.

  6. Teresa: I have never cooked with a Jerusalem artichoke before. I wonder if I will get some this summer.

    Frances: Have you ever blogged about the school farm? I would love to see pictures.

    Hannah: We still have too much shade for a veggie garden but we did have some lettuces this spring.

    Meg: Thankfully we have lots of farmer's markets in the area, but I tend to overbuy. Everything looks so yummy.

    Diane: Freshness is definitely right. Everything is so springy to the touch. Never limp.

  7. I love, love my CSA. I still throw away too much stuff, but I eat so much more good, fresh, in season, organic produce/fruit than ever before. I've actually been researching meat CSA's recently and may sign up for one soon.

  8. I joined a CSA for the first time this year, and got my first box of mystery veg on Tuesday. So much fun! I got bok choy and turnip greens and lettuce - nothing quite as interesting as mushrooms, but the boxes can only get better.


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