03 June 2011

Dear old digitalis...

Can anyone guess in which film (and presumably which novel) Aunt Julie utters the line "Dear old digitalis."

UPDATE: Karen's comment made me go off to the Google and I couldn't find the answer. I wonder what search terms she used. What I did find out was that Aunt Julie is actually Aunt Juley. It has been decades since I read the book, but I have seen the film a million times. And, as Karen says, Googling is cheating.

And here is another quote from Aunt Juley in the same film/book:
All the [insert family name] are exceptional. They are British to the backbone, of course, but their father was German, which is why they care for literature and art.


  1. I had no idea so I had to google it! Now I know but I won't say since I had to cheat and find the answer.

  2. Hmm, I don't understand why you couldn't find it on Google. I googled it and the first two hits were of this post, and then the rest were all referencing Howard's End, without even having to click on the hits.

  3. I knew I'd read it this year, from that quotation, and yet I still couldn't think of it without cheating...

  4. My book club is reading that book this month. I love the color of the foxglove in the picture.

  5. Karen: Have you read it?

    Rhapsody: The only thing I found had to do with Edith Wharton oddly enough. Spelling Aunt Juley correctly makes all the differences.

    Simon: I probably wouldn't have remembered if I hadn't seen the movie a million times.

    Mary: I hope you are enjoying it.


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