22 May 2011

Sunday Painting: Woman Ironing by Edgar Degas

Remember how I said I was going to have my own private readathon? I even inspired Simon S to do the same. Well, in my case the best laid reading plans always go awry. I forgot that I had to give a tour for my job on Saturday which took up half the day. Then we had some people stop by to see if they wanted to buy an old desk of ours. Then I had an urge to mow the lawn. And then I just didn't feel like reading much.  I have been watching the early films of Mike Leigh instead. I am going to blog about these at some point because they are weirdly fascinating. I am getting some reading in--I am in the middle of The Sandcastle by Iris Murdoch--but definitely not the weekend of reading I had planned. With any luck I will be able to dedicate next weekend to my readathon.

Appropriately the subject of this week's Sunday Painting doesn't have time to read either (although my guess is that she works far harder than I have to).

Woman Ironing (begun c. 1876, completed c. 1887)
Edgar Degas (1834-1917)
National Gallery of Art, Washington


  1. It must have been much harder ironing with those old-fashioned, non-steam, flat irons too!

  2. David: Oh, I know. Those women must have had big triceps.

    Harriet: Would you have ever guessed it was Degas?

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