15 May 2011

My Own Private Idaho

The headline to this post was going to be "My Own Private Readathon" but I couldn't resist typing "My Own Private Idaho". I haven't seen that film since it first came out back in 1991. I don't remember a lot about it except that both Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix were in a film with a gayish theme.

So what does this have to do with a readathon? Nothing. But c'mon weren't they cute?

I've decided that next weekend is going to be an all weekend readathon for me. I am not going to stay up all night or anything crazy like that. I just want to focus on reading. With the cavalcade of guests and home improvements since mid-March, I just want to put my feet up and do nothing but read.


  1. Laughing out loud. Enjoy the reading weekend.

  2. Yum. I know everyone makes fun of Keanu, but he's so cute in that pic. Enjoy reading weekend.

  3. Thanks for the photo. We had this from Lovefilm a couple of months ago when we were on a River Phoenix kick, weird film but they are both brilliant:-)
    much love

  4. This post also reminded me of the B52's song of the same name.

  5. I don't remember the movie, but I love your reading weekend idea. Enjoy!

  6. I tried to make yesterday a reading day...and wasn't very successful. I think I do my best reading when I am supposed to be doing something else! Good luck and I look forward to reading your reviews of all you read over the weekend.

  7. What a great idea Thomas. I often see people joining in with various readathons... after the event, and then kick myself. I never think of just letting myself have one of these weekends. I think I might do just that this weekend myself too.

  8. Frances: I just couldn't resist. Plus when was the last time you saw a post about My Own Private Idaho?

    Picky Girl: You are so right. When Keanu looks good, he looks really good.

    Martine: I need to watch it again.

    Ti: Maybe there is a connection.

    Susan: It requires a supportive family to clear the decks for reading time.

    Ruthiella: I seem to have the same problem. There are mornings where my commute can't be long enough because I want to keep reading. And then other mornings, let's say waiting for a doc appointment when I have tons of time to read and can't quite get in the mood.

    Simon: I am starting to think it may not happen this weekend. I just remembered I have a work event on Saturday morning that may ruin my reading mojo.

  9. hope it went well ,I like the film when van sant still made good films ,all the best stu


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