06 March 2011

Things to look at on a rainy Sunday

1. My review of the Booker Prize winning Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald.

2. My Sunday Painting.

3. My post on neglected literary classics. I want to hear what you think. And I did a random draw and Claire from Paperback Reader won my extra copy of As for Me and My House by Sinclair Ross. Maybe I should send it with delivery confirmation since she only has three months from reciept of the book to read it and write a review...that was the deal Claire, no backing down. (Oh, and can you email me your address?)

4. My latest intallment of Seen on the Subway.


  1. Typically, it is beautiful sunshine here today - I am at work and stuck inside!

  2. Ooh, I missed this earlier! I'm not good with deadlines but I think I should have a weekend of only reading gifts from Thomas...


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