06 March 2011

Sunday Painting: Pot with Chives by Vincent Van Gogh

Pot with Chives, 1887
Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam


  1. Chives - I do like them in a salad. Never seen this painting - it's a bit like the sunflowers, well, without the sunflowers...

  2. Never seen this before either but really appealing. Something spunky about chives.

  3. I read how his yellows are fading due to the chemicals . . . Never have seen this one, either.

  4. Proof again that Van Gogh could make anything look good!

  5. Verity: Chives are also great in egg salad as well as in cream cheese spread on something.

    Frances: Makes me look forward to growing season.

    Denise: I didn't know that about the yellows.

    Mary: Me too.

    Susan: Except for Gertrude Stein. Or was that Picasso. I think that was Picasso.


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