16 March 2011

176 Points!

That's right folks, 176 points for one word. My sister and her family are visiting from Arizona and this was our third game since Sunday. And the fact that the word was "cardigan" made the moment even more special. (Remember my post about the Cardigan Mafia?)

The breakdown:

14 points for the word (including one double letter score for the "D".

I got to triple the word twice because it fell on two Triple Word Scores. (We verified this scoring with the official rules on the printed in the box.)

And then, because I used all of my seven tiles I got an additional 50 points.

Needless to say this is the highest score I have ever gotten for one word in Scrabble. Too bad the word didn't have a "Z" or "Q" in it.


  1. Very impressive! I think 176 points is probably what I've scored in one entire game!

  2. I adore Scrabble. My mum and sister are visiting later this month and I think it would be a hoot to bring out my Scrabble board as my sister is a dreadful speller (ah, the youth of today and txt spk); my mum and I used to play frequently when I was younger. I can't remember my highest score, non-virtually or otherwise, but I've made a few two triple word scores in my time.

  3. Goodness me - that is impressive! I've never made a two triple word score before...We play electronically.

  4. This is great! Love seeing high scoring scrabble words :) My highest scoring word has probably been in the 100-120 range.

  5. Very impressive! Kudos to you - I've never scored remotely close on a single word. :)

  6. Bravo! Nicely done! And it’s so nice to see the traditional Scrabble board instead of the new one Hasbro has out with all the garish colors. Hope you’ll print this photo and keep it in the box and every time you play, you can wave it in your opponent’s face and say, “See?!?” (That’s what I would do, at least!) Keep up the good work!

  7. I would have loved to have been there if you had played CARANGID instead. That would have been a mere 167 points instead of 176, but imagine the fun of sitting back and watching the others scramble for a dictionary to prove you wrong, only to find that a carangid is a type of fish!

  8. My son and partner are huge Scrabble fans and I can't wait to share this post with them! Congrats. As a knitter, I am especially fond of the word cardigan...

  9. Wow! That's really impressive especially since you didn't have any of the big score letters. Remind me never to play scrabble with you ;)

  10. Nice :)
    I play Scrabble all the time... love it. Did a similar thing a while ago; all my letters, both triple word squares. A shame that I was playing Scrabble with my parents, and the word was 'erection'... I did prefix it with saying I was taking my word from building construction terminology, but I'm not sure that helped. Obviously getting all those points won out over dignity.

  11. Wow! I hate to admit it, but my fiance and I have played over 500 games of Scrabble since we met 5 years ago. I'm a little ahead, but neither of us have ever done anything so impressive. I can dream though!

  12. Something tells me your family/opponents were slightly less enthusiastic than we all are. :) Love that you took a photo of it too. Impressive all around.

    I have a Scrabble app on my phone and play too frequently. And then volunteered to coach our school team so I can play at work too. So I understand what a high that must have been.

  13. I have a small library of Scrabble-related books, and a larger group of word game/word puzzle books. According to yourlists you haven't read Fatsis's "Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive SCRABBLE Players". It's a very entertaining read.

    As to high score: I'm sure there is a lot available on line, but in print, A. Ross Eckler's "Word Recreations" has a chapter called "High-Scoring Scrabble" (pp. 64-68); Augarde's "The Oxford Guide or Word Games" has an informative chapter on Scrabble (pp.63-70). Oddly enough "The Scrabble Book" by Derryn Hinch doesn't seem to touch this issue.
    It is fairly easy to construct theoretical games with scores of over 1000 points for one play. Eckler reports one of 1960+ in an artificially constructed game.

    Some seemingly reliable info on highest actual scores found here

  14. This is very impressive, but I am easily impressed when it comes to Scrabble. I adore the game, but I am Very, Very Bad at it!

  15. 176 - utterly superb, many congratulations - and hear hear to taking a photo (you should deffo print a copy - and its too good for just inside the scrabble box - put it on your front door!!)

  16. Karen: It is definitely more of a whole game score for me as well.

    Claire: You might be happier if you and your mum play while your sister texts. She might crud up the board with too many tiny words.

    Verity: I think my highest previously was about 92.

    Lu: It is especially fun when it comes as a surprise.

    Susan: I wish I could say it was skill.

    DPV: It is a traditional board but I got it in 2002 so it isn't like the one my mom has that predates me.

    Lifetime: Originally the word was "cardinal" but I had no room for it. And then I saw that "g" on the board and the rest was history.

    Sefanie: I know, imagine if there was a "z" in there.

    Simon: Any discomfort your parents may have experienced was soley due to envy at your high score.

    Fleurfisher: That is great that you guys play together. My husband isn't interested.

    Frances: Coaching the school scrabble team. How fun.

    Steve: So much ineresting information. I bet constructing a game with scores over 1000 points for one play is not fairly easy. At least not for me.

    JoAnn: Thanks.

    Read the Book: The fun is in the playing, not the scoring.

    Rose: I won't be able to hustle other players if they see my highscore.


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