27 February 2011

Book Review: Two Stories by Mrs. Oliphant

As it happens the only Persephone in my TBR nightstand was The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow by Mrs. Oliphant. It is coupled with another story Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamund.

I enjoyed both stories, but as I am still feeling unbloggy, I am going to let others speak for me. A rare occurrence indeed. (I will say that I caught the Brown reference in the Mrs. Blencarrow almost immediately.)

Hayley at Desperate Reader

Claire at Paperback Reader


  1. Are hugs too patronising?

    Thanks for the link, Thomas.

  2. I think Mrs Blencarrow was rather more likable than Queen Victoria, but it's an interesting defence of that particular situation. Thank you for the link, and hope you feel more bloggy soon.

  3. Claire and Hayley: It wasn't in time for Persephone Weekend, but I did get my bloggy back.


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