23 January 2011

War of the book buttons

Tomorrow begins Virago Reading Week, but I am also in the midst of the TBR dare where I can only read from the TBR pile in my nightstand until April 1st.

How will this bookish face off end? Which of these book buttons will be victorious? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The buttons aren't really fighting. I was just trying to be cute. The fight is between the lure of Virago Reading Week and the need to stay true to the TBR dare.

(By the way, I couldn't find a button for VRW, so I made my own. Feel free to use if you are participating.)



  1. When in doubt, use both. I say put the Virago on top for the week, then replace with the TBR.

  2. Fabulous button, Thomas! You are so talented! I am promptly stealing it!

  3. Thanks for the Virago button, we didn't have one! I'll be using it and hope you go Virago crazy this week. :)

  4. Love the button! Very nicely done.

  5. Beautiful button! And you don;t have to cheat on the TBR Dare to read for Virago Week do you? There must be something on the shelves? Look harder! :)

  6. I've employed your Virago button!

  7. I love the button! It's on my post today and has a spot at the top of my blog for the week. Thanks, Thomas.

  8. Lovely button Thomas - could you please tell me what the books are? I'm particularly taken with the second from the left.

  9. Karen: I will definitely use both.

    Rachel: I'm glad it works. Although I can see that I should have made the text larger. When people put it in their sidebar, the text is too small to read.

    Carolyn: I thought of using the apple, but I have never connected it in my with Virago in the way I have with older cover format.

    Susan: Thank you.

    Frances: If I told you that it would ruin the surprise.

    Darlene: Yay! I am glad you find it helpful.

    JoAnn: Thank you. I am so happy to see it being used.

    Hayley: I will indeed tell you the books, but not until next week. I plan to run a bit of quiz/giveaway.

  10. Thank you for the button Thomas, I love it & I've pinched it for my VRW post.


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