30 January 2011

I forgot I owned this Virago

[On this final day of Virago Reading Week I have not just one VRW post, but three. Here is the third and final for the day. Scroll down to see the others.]

Earlier this week I posted a picture of all the Viragos that I owned that I wouldn't be reading during Virago Reading Week. Absent from that photo was this book by Barbara Comyns. It was on my shelves where I keep all my other TBR books that aren't in my nightstand and which aren't part of some other collection in my library (e.g., Persephone, VMC, etc.). So I was somewhat surprised when I noticed it today. Especially since Barbara Comyns has gotten a fair amount of notice among book bloggers lately, and this book in particular was the subject of one of Simon's posts this week.

I am in love with the cover, and based on all the Internet buzz, I really want to read it today. Alas, I can't. I will have to wait until after April 1st.

Oh, danger, I just read the opening line and really, really want to read it today. Must. Be. Firm.
A few weeks after my tenth birthday I was sent to stay with some very horsy relations in Leicestershire.


  1. What an enticing opening sentence. But stay strong, Thomas.... you can do it!

  2. This one is a really good one - very hard to resist........

  3. Great first line! I immediately checked WorldCat and found two libraries nearby that had it. I, too, must be firm and wait until April.

    Why did I commit to the TBR Dare? And why is Virago Reading Week NOW instead of in April, or at least, the end of March???? Torture!

  4. I shan't try to tempt you further ;)
    Good job you didn't read the opening line of Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead; that one is impossible to resist ('The ducks swam through the drawing-room window.')

  5. JoAnn: Despite the temptation, I am pretty strong at the moment.

    Verity: I can't wait to read it.

    Karen: Overall I am loving the TBR Dare, but there are times...

    Simon: No you shouldn't The ducks swam through the drawing-room window. Fascinating.

  6. Of course, you could always have the temptation removed by temporarily re-homing the book with a local blogging friend who is really wanting to try Comyns ;) Oh, wait--the TBR Dare applies across the river, too. Rats!

  7. I do like this cover, but the whole idea of the skin chairs still has me a little "creeped out," to quote my kids!

  8. That truly is a stunning piece of cover art and how wonderful you stumbled across this book again.

    I was thinking of you today, Thomas, as I pulled a copy of All Passion Spent off of a shelf at a bookshop today. It came home with me thanks to your review!

  9. Oooh, horsy relations--and ducks in the drawing room--sigh. I'm afraid you and your comments section have expanded my holiday reading list even more.


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