02 January 2011

A day late and a dollar short...


Ready When You Are, C.B. dared us all to read from our TBR piles only for a period of our choosing beginning 1/1/11. The deadline for accepting the dare was 12/31/10 at midnight Pacific Time.

As usual, I am late to the game but I am going to participate anyway. The most extreme dare was to go from 1/1/11 to 4/1/11 (translation for you across the Atlantic: that end date is April 1st, not January 4th).

Since I have about 400 books on my TBR pile. And since I really need to focus my disposable income on house projects, I am taking the dare and plan to only read TBR books until April 1st.

And I know I have already broken the main rule of the dare--to accept it by 12/31--but I haven't checked out, borrowed, been gifted, or purchased any books since before then. Thankfully I finally got my Persephone Secret Santa gift on 12/30 so I have those books already ensconced in my TBR. But more on the later this week.

Off I go to read something from my TBR.



  1. Suggested solution (that will also help keep us poor booksellers paid): Start a second TBR pile, just don't tell the first one that your doing it.

  2. I tend to read of my tbr pile every couple of book but at some point will have to do something like this ,all the best stu

  3. I'll count you as in. Best of luck making it to April 1.

  4. Happy reading and good luck!!

  5. What a good idea! Although I must admit I was rather unimpressed when I first read it, as I'd forgotten you guys had the date differently from us. I would love to do this, but once I've got book group books and uni books done, I doubt I'd be able to read more than one or two other books... well, I probably do just read tbr pile books, apart from those, as it is.

  6. Oh good for you, Thomas! I really should take part in this dare, but I enjoy the library and half price books too much to commit to a four month long hiatus.

    I plan to "try" to read several books from my overstuffed shelves. I look forward to hearing your progress.

    Happy New Year!

  7. I've already had to bend my own rules a little, I placed an order at Book Depository last night -- I didn't have secure internet access last week while on vacation. So I shall extend my book-buying band until April 2.

    And I still haven't received my Persephone Secret Santa gift! The mail was on hold for a week because we were out of town and I won't get it until tomorrow. Hopefully they'll be something dove-grey in the mail. Crossing my fingers!

  8. Steve: Gave me a giggle. Gotta save my pennies these days.

    Stu: I already have so many great books of every possible genre so I should have plenty to keep me happy.

    CB: Thanks.

    Amy: Thanks.

    Simon: You don't think that four days of reading from the TBR is impressive?

    Molly: It will be intersting how many I can knock out in four months.

    Karen: Hopefully you will get your Persephone Secret Santa book by April 3rd!

  9. Best of luck! I'm not officially accepting the dare, but I am trying to read more of the books I already own...

  10. This is definitely a challenge I should take on. I have loads of books on the TBR pile. I will definitely commit to making some progress on the stack!


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