18 December 2010

The Latest Crop of Lucy Photos

Couldn't resist. You dog lovers will enjoy these.

Helping me get ready for the party.

She was sleeeepy

Really sleeeeepy

Arco Lamp does dual duty as doggie lookout point


  1. Oh Lucy you have taken over the couch. You are so so cute. We are coming to see you in March be ready for us. BTW say Hi to your dads and that we love them too.

  2. Supersport: She really has. She shares it with us, but it has become her favorite spot in the house. Not only because it is soft but it has views of passing squirrels.

    Mary: Isn't she something.

  3. Adorable. I love how we dog owners can't help ourselves. We take so many pictures of our dogs.

  4. Love the pictures of sleepy Lucy. The number of sleeping puppy pictures that we have taken of our dogs is rather astounding but I just can't help it! So cute!

  5. CB: Tonight we just sat here and watched her. Who needs TV with a dog around.

    Steph: They look so comfy when they are sleeping. Like the best feeling in the world.

  6. Your Lucy looks so sweet. My Daisy (an 8 lb. shih tzu) is curled up warmly on my lap as I type this. :)

  7. That last photo is so cute. She's so sweet.

  8. Too, too cute! And someone stole my "I love Lucy" cheesy quote. :-)



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