07 November 2010

This is eight blocks from our house

I had to take a moment from NYRB Classics reading week to share these pictures of my afternoon walk today with Lucy. Rock Creek National Park is just eight blocks from our front door.

For those of you who want something bookish see my post from earlier today by scrolling down or clicking here.


  1. Really beautiful! I hope you guys and the dog continue to take advantage of this. We live a few blocks from the similarly beautiful Minnehaha Creek park and a mile from the breath-taking Mississippi River gorge and yet we can go weeks without seeing either of them. Hopefully having a dog will help you do better.

  2. I'd walk everyday if I had a park like that to walk in.

  3. Awwww, your sweet girl looks lovely against the fall foliage.

    It's wonderful to have some woods nearby for tramping around on a brisk day.


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