22 November 2010

A great visit to Lloyd's of Kew

We kept passing Lloyd's of Kew on our way to and fro but it always seemed to be the outside of business hours. So it was great that we managed a good, but quick browse on our last day in London.

The extremely friendly proprietor (Lloyd perhaps?).

Being near Kew Gardens, they had a great garden section. John was in heaven.

It has a great book tree. Rob Around Books has a much better picture of it.

Great little selection of original Penguins. One of these days soon I will share with you what I bought.

11/23 UPDATE: I only just now noticed that copy of The Woman in White.
It would have gone into my luggage if I had noticed it that day.

He had great postcards of books in the shop. I bought several that I will share with you all once I scan them in.

I don't think John was going for this blurry effect, but I quite like it.


  1. This bookshop is so tidy! My second hand store is a mess with boxes of books. The owner encourages you to burrow for books as I think they also get a bit more organized once we are done!

  2. What fun! Those books are gorgeous. Stores like that really make every book feel like a treasure.

  3. Pictures like these make me long to own a bookshop. I love those large windows letting th light stream through.

  4. I'm anticipating the photographs of your purchases.

    I like the out-of-focus background too.

  5. I absolutely love the Book Tree!

  6. I also love the book tree.

    But shouldn't store book marks be free?

  7. Looks like a wonderful alternate universe in which books *do* grow on trees - how neat...

  8. I read your piece on Lloyd's of Kew with interest. I owned the shop for four years from 2000 until 2004. It's a long time since I've visited so I should go back. It was a great experience looking back and I often think of my time there. Saying that things are never as glamorous and romantic as they look - it was hard work and now that I work for someone else I think that that is the much better deal. Cleaver Patterson


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