24 October 2010

Sunday Painting: Visiting Annie and Atticus by Ingrid Groller Lane

I chose today's Sunday Painting for three reasons:

1. It shows a cozy, book-filled room.

2. It is a local scene. You can see the Washington Monument in the distance out the window.

3. My blog friend Amanda at the Fig and Thistle is pregnant with a boy she has named Atticus. And something tells me that she would be pleased to see the name applied to a cat.

Visiting Annie and Atticus
Ingrid Groller Lane
Touchstone Gallery
I can't find much of anything about Ingrid Groller Lane on the Google which I find very odd. She doesn't appear to be represented anymore by Touchstone Gallery who produced this postcard. I can find a few references here and there to shows that included her in the past, and it looks like she may have been an arts writer for The Washington Post back in the early 1990s, but that is it. Where are you Ingrid?


  1. A lovely corner room too! And Atticus is a great name. When I had my son, Sebastian, I wanted his middle name to be Aloysius for reasons I am sure you can guess but everyone thought I was nuts so I let it go. Now ten years later, I wish I had fought harder and ignored those well-meaning voices that said a name like that was like tattooing "Take my lunch money" on my son's head. Sigh. Good for Amanda for picking the name off the beaten trail.

  2. This is just the sort of apartment I'd like to have.

  3. Where does one get a view like that in D.C.? It looks so high up.

    - Christy

  4. I was just wondering the same thing as Christy. Is that on 16th street heights or columbia heights perhaps?

  5. Cornflower: From To Kill a Mockingbird no doubt.

    Frances: Certainly Sebastian Aloysius might have caused problems at school, but these days maybe not.

    CB: It looks great doesn't it?

    Christy and Stefan: I think it might actually be the view from the Cairo--the overly tall old apartment building on Q between 16th and 17th. I believe it was the construction of the Cairo in the late 19th century that prompted Congress to pass the Height Act which limits the height of buildings in DC.

  6. That is awesome and I completely approve!

  7. How can someone who had at least some prominence as an artist and a writer have disappeared so thoroughly in the age of Google? My guess is that there is a name change or pseudonym involved here. I was able to find two other paintings of hers online, both of which were of DC scenes, so I suspect yours is of DC also. She does seem to have exhibited at the Touchstone as recently as 2006.

  8. Amanda: I thought you would.

    Steve: That is exactly what I thought. The current director of Touchstone has only been there for three years and has no information on the artist either.


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