09 October 2010

Readathon: A slow start

Minutes read
107 out of 150

Pages read

57 of The Carlyles at Home by Thea Holme
15 of Bodily Harm by Margaret Atwood

  • John.
  • Thinking about my fingernails.
  • Thinking about how to rearrange the living room.
Last night before I went to bed there were about six titles that I could have devoured all at once. I started reading a line or two from each and couldn't wait to get started. This morning I couldn't figure out which one to start. First up was the Atwood. Interesting but just didn't feel right. Only read 15 pages. Then I got distracted by John....38 minutes later I decided to pick up the Carlyle book. Distracted at first but managed to get into the swing of it and read 57 pages.

Next Steps
  • Lunch
  • I am going to hit something much lighter for a while. I have enjoyed the reading so far, but need something to really whisk me away.


  1. Hope you find that something to whisk you away soon:)

  2. Hope you find the book that you can slide into for a while!

    - Christy

  3. I hope you find something wonderful to read.

    Sam was distracting me earlier. I sent him off to the coffee shop armed with art supplies. I should have the house to myself.

    Currently, I'm trying to ignore the pile of laundry...

  4. What the heck...your fingernails???

  5. Miss Hargreaves! This is just what you need. So good. Much more entertaining than your fingernails.


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