31 October 2010

NYRB Classics Reading Week is closing in fast, but still time to join us...

The NYRB Classics Reading Week hosted by A Literary Stew and Coffeespoons begins on November 7th and goes through the 13th.

Do you have one on your shelf that you haven't read yet? Or maybe you have one you loved and haven't blogged about it yet. Or maybe you have a NYRB wish list that you want to share with those who might be prone to give you a book. Whatever your interest it would be fun to have you reading along.

I took the picture below the same day I took the other one that so many of you liked. This one is fun because you can see some of the great cover art that NYRB uses.



  1. These covers alone are just fabulous. Enjoy them all.

  2. I own three of those, I'm happy to see. I'm so excited for this event; I've been eagerly waiting to have time to read my NYRBs.

  3. I don't own a single NYRB Classic (although I do own some in other editions - I have noticed there is a little overlap with Virago Modern Classics). I am lusting over Wish Her Safe at Home by Stephen Benatar and quite envy you and Frances etc your beautiful collections!

  4. They really have some wonderful designs don't they? I have started a little collection of NYRB books. I won't get a chance to participate in the reading week but looking forward to reading reviews and adding more books to my list :)

  5. You've got some beautiful covers there. I've only got Mavis Gallant's Paris Stories which I won on Iris on Book's birthday giveaway. Have fun reading and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  6. Bibliophile: They certainly do draw one in.

    Anna: It should be a lot of fun.

    Claire: Need to do something about that.

    Iliana: It will be a great way to

    Kim: It as fun to lay them all out like a quilt.

    Sakura: That's a fun prize.

  7. Now I'm a bit embarrassed to take a picture of my measly collection. I am so impressed with yours. Such lovely, lovely covers, too.

    Oh, we're using you and your pics as inspiration for one of our events at the NYRB Reading Week. I hope that's all right.

  8. i am so in love with your collection! i'll be reading my first nyrb classic this week and i wish i could have a collection as beautiful as yours in time. if only nyrb books aren't that hard to find in the philippines :)

  9. Honey: I am flattered that you are using my pictures. My collection is what it is because I got a bunch of them on sale.

    Coypatalagsa: Thanks for stopping by. I think part of the fun of collecting is in the hunt. So have fun hunting for them.


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