29 September 2010

War and Peace Progress




  1. Love the arrows!

    - Christy

  2. haha I have just finished part one and its alot easier to get into than I thought it would be. Thank goodness though I printed off a family tree or I think Id be lost.

  3. I, too, like the arrows, but it's the exclamation points that make me laugh.

  4. I do love your visual synopsis of the characters from War and Peace. I haven't read this one, so have avoided looking too closely at your comments, but these have made me smile.

  5. Christy: Well they are fun to do and a lot easier than writing a review or status update.

    Jessica: The character list is very important. Even after 900 pages I still refer to it.

    Vintage Reading: Thanks, I am glad you like them.

    Make Do and Read: The exclamation points do add a lot. Especially "Now Dead!" It makes it sound like and advertisement.

    A Bookish Space: Trust me, you could study my comments in detail and they still wouldn't spoil the book. Too many things going on, you would forget most of it.


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